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The Leave No Trace programme internationally is founded on scientific research. We are beginning the task of collating the research that has been done on minimimum impact travel and environmental care in New Zealand and challenging some of the assumptions we have with an international context. Click through on the principals below for links and references to relevant research.  This page has been put together by Chris North from the University of Canterbury. 

Click here for a pdf of North, C. (2011). The sidelining of environmental care education in outdoor education programmes: Why it happens, why it shouldn't and what we can do about it. New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education: Ko Tane Mahuta Pupuke, 2(5), 35-50.  Kindly made available by the New Zealand Journal of Outdoor Education: Ko Tane Mahuta Pupuke. 

To make us aware of other research that is not covered here please contact research@leavenotrace.org.nz


Plan Ahead and Prepare


Travel and Camp on Durable Ground


Dispose of Waste Properly


Leave What You Find


Minimise the Effects of Fire


Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals


Be Considerate of Others

Also for more general reading please look here for research into Leave No Trace programmes or environmental care or here for a collection of our favourite readings on the themes of New Zealand, environmental care and ecology.